We love our pigs, you’ll love our pork

Premium Canterbury bred pork

Consistent in quality and distinctive in flavour, Apple Tree Farm’s premium pork is the result of a breeding programme driven by selected Canterbury producers and led by a commitment to the best standards of animal welfare.

We passionately believe happier, healthier animals create more succulent meat. That’s why our animals are raised in a ‘pig friendly’ environment and fed a nutrient-rich grain based diet.

An exquisite product with a heavenly taste, perfect for superior restaurants and discerning chefs who refuse to work with anything other than the best.

100% Canterbury Bred Pork

We’ve created a taste sensation by blending succulent pork with crisp, delicious apples; a mouth-watering combination that’s sure to excite.

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100% Canterbury Bred Pork

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Apple Tree Farms. We love our pigs, you'll love our pork.

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